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Poetry and Short Stories

*Just click each title to be brought to the entire original piece. I've also included a brief summary and my reason/motivation for writing each piece. I will continue to add brand new items as I write them, so stop back often! And be sure to comment : ) *

I have written many different poems and short stories over the years. Unfortunately, I've misplaced many of those, so I've created new ones. Poetry has especially been something I've excelled in writing because writing a poem often defines me; I feel whole when I can express myself or my emotions in an abstract, metaphorical way instead of just coming out and saying "I'm sad." Life is about more than that.

More Than Just a Universe. (poem)
Published 7/20/2010
Summary: This was an assignment on Associated Content that required us to write a poem on the topic of stars and instead of submitting it as text, we had to turn in a recording of us reading it. I wrote this poem about stars describing each of my 5 senses and their role when perceiving the stars.
Why I wrote it: (Explained above)

A UFO That Lead the Way. (short story)
Published 7/15/2010
Summary: This memoir describes an unexplained flying object-yes a U.F.O! I saw this UFO with my own eyes as we followed it down the highway.

Why I wrote it: This was also an assignment on AC about an encounter with a UFO. I was kind of excited to share this experience because I thought I had forgotten about it!

The Painted Woman. (short story)
Published 7/14/2010
Summary: This is my "Short story based on an image". The image is of a beautiful young woman who has a life full of of life, but is ended suddenly. The story is about an old artist who paints her because he sees who she truly is.
Why I wrote it: This short story is fiction, but holds some meaning to me. It is romantic, yet bittersweet as most love stories are. I wrote this because I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to have someone love me more than life itself, just as the gentleman in my story does.

Focus. (poem)
Published 7/13/2010
Summary: This poem of mine describes how important it is to concentrate on things that matter the most. Trying not to lose sight of things, I try to live positively.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this poem at a time in my life when people were trying to manipulate me into thinking I was someone I'm not. I even let myself believe most of it was true. The most important thing I needed to do then and all the time was to focus on who I truly am and who my real friends and family are.

Partially Reborn. (poem)
Published 7/13/2010
Summary: Taking chances in this crazy world to better and change our lives is something we strive for. My poem is basically a personal confession that I need to take my own advice and not bs my way through just be my true self.
Why I wrote it: At point in my life, I needed to break free from anyone who was a negative influence to me. I also needed to become fully reborn, so-to-speak to feel complete and I did this by taking time away from everything and everyone just for myself.

Pleasures of Life Untold. (poem)
Published 7/12/2010
Summary: This poem describes the many things in life that can bring a person pleasure or something that can bring happiness. It doesn't always have to be sexual in nature. The simple things in life can be enough for that, too.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this in high school trying to describe all the things in life I had never experienced and building them up as wonderful and beautiful virtues and dreams of my life.

My Light. (poem)

Published 7/12/2010
Summary: This poem is special to me because it represents the purpose of my life-my son. If you are a parent, then you know the beautiful gift a child brings you. He is everything and eternity to me.
Why I wrote it: My motivation for this poem came to me when I first watched my baby boy sleep. It warmed my heart and created in me a strength I never knew existed because of him.

Battlefield. (poem)
Published 7/12/2010
Summary: Life gives us adversity, but knowing how to face it in this short life will make us stronger people. This poem is both a methaphor and a literal take on the things we live through.
Why I wrote it: Once upon a time, I wanted to join the Air Force, but was unable to due to a pre-existing surgery and a tattoo. I wrote this as both a metaphor and a literal experience with a message that everyone has to fight their own battles, but it is how we combat them that shows who we are.

Ordinary. (poem)
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: This poem is about rising above childhood abuse, neglect or pain. Sometimes getting away from that kind of situation is finally when a person can see who they are truly meant to be.
Why I wrote it: This poem represents the great strength that I think is in all of us no matter what negative things we may face in life.

I Remember All of the Smiles. (poem)
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: This short memoir in the form of a poem is about my grandmother who has passed. I miss her with every fiber of my soul and some days the pain is unbearable, but I remember all of the smiles and I am whole again.
Why I wrote it: My grandmother passed away 6 years ago this September and it doesn't get any easier to cope without her presence. What gets me through it is remembering everything I can about her, how she made me feel and the simple, little things we shouldn't take for granted.

Oblivion. (poem)
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: Though seemingly random, this flash poem is about holding onto the last slice of hope and life in things. Like fighting for air, the light at the end of the tunnel in bad sitations will eventually save us.
Why I wrote it: Even though it may seem quite dramatic, I wrote this short poem because I like to be hopeful, but sometimes find myself very cynical and pessimistic. I've learned over the years that I should just let things happen as they will and that I cannot control everything to make it fit perfectly in my life.

Reacting. (poem)
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: This brief and unbridled prose can apply to many things in life, it's all how you perceive or live it. It represents so much and one thing is that life will always get better once you feel free and happy.
Why I wrote it: Sometimes things can seem to get worse before they get better. You can be further from your goals or from happiness and something unexpected can pick you up off of your feet. It's moments like those that really make you count your blessings.

Hurt Like Hell. (poem)
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: Life is full of surprises, experiences and love. First loves, failed love, unrequited love. This freeverse poem is about just that...and trying to move forward through the pain.
Why I wrote it: If we all prevented ourselves to take chances, to open up to people or be honest with who we are just because we are afraid of getting hurt, then there would be no such thing as progress. This poem is about just that; even though it may hurt to fall from failure, relationships or mistakes, we have to still try.

Hope. (poem)
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: Fear and hope are two very important and intense human emotions and perceptions. This tiny prose, although insignificantly structured, brings a sense of self-preservation.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this poem when  I was crying once. I actually love to cry even if I'm pissed at the world and want to break everything in sight. Crying centers me.

Truly Blind. (poem)
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: People grow too comfortable with things & may expect everything in their lives to be there-including the people that matter. This short poem explores the feeling of having this complacent kind of person in their lives & how it feels to have them slip away.
Why I wrote it: In so many situations and relationships in my life, I've let others control how I feel. I've let people who don't really matter or care about my happiness be my whole world. This poem is kind of a gentle lashing-out of my anger towards people who have become comfortable with me and have taken me for granted.

Vibrant Violet. (poem)
Published 7/1/2010
Summary: Simple yet sweet, this haiku poem will educate and inspire if you love the color purple! This is for the Purple Haiku contest that Associated Content had as an assignment.
Why I wrote it: Haikus are simple and sweet but can hold a lot of importance. I wrote this Haiku with my grandmother in mind because she loved violets, purples, lilacs and amethyst.

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