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This is a very popular category which is why I made a place under my blog pages for it. I will list any articles I write about parenting, children, family, etc. here. There will probably be a lot of them since I am a parent myself.

Children and Temper Tantrums: A Simple Explanation and Aid.

Published 7/11/2010
Summary: Preventing a temper tantrum can often be easier than stopping one, and this article describes tips for that. It also covers reasons why a child will have a temper tantrum and the importance of positive reinforcement.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this as my first article on I have a toddler and I know how crazy things can get. I wanted to show new and seasines parents there are better and more productive things to do besides scolding and screaming.

Be Aware of Nuvaring Side Effects.

Published 7/6/2010
Summary: If you are thinking about using the product Nuvaring to prevent pregnancy, this article talks about its side effects.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. This is for any woman who isn't sure what Nuvaring is or does. I didn't even know much about it before I was asked to write it!

How to Get Rid of a Headache By Drinking Gatorade.

Published 7/6/2010
Summary: If you'd like to learn of an inexpensive, safe, painless and easy home remedy to get rid of headaches, then drink a Gatorade! Read on for statistics, medical advice and information about Gatorade that will help.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. I loved researching for this one because it was quite interesting to read that Gatorade is actually good for you. I mean, it's common sense since it has pretty much the same thing we have in our bodies, but it's a great thing to know the basis of why it helps with headaches and other maladies.

Super Tips for Super Stay-at-Home Moms.

Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Multitasking, baking, carpooling and barely sleeping. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you know the drill. Here are some fabulous tips to center yourself. For all the well deserving mothers out there, it doesn't have to be Mother's Day to spoil yourself.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for This article is very important because it gives simple, inexpensive things to do to keep yourself at least partially sane. In this busy world with schedules, alarm clocks and children, you should always remember to give yourself some credit and a break!

10 Ways to Help You Balance Work and Life.

Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Keep in mind that you are only human and that it's ok to be overwhelmed. It happens to everyone, but it's how you face stress that really shows what kind of person you are. Here are 10 helpful ways to bring balance to your busy, sometimes stressful life.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for a client of mine. I sometimes need to read this over for myself because I have a problem with overloading and heaping way too much on my plate, so I'm glad to share this with people trying to prioritize and balance things.

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