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Everyone likes a good laugh. That's why I've made a category for humor just in case anyone is having a bad day and would like to stop by just for that. Even if your day is going well, there's nothing wrong with making it more fun! Sit back, laugh and enjoy! And just to warn you, I can be sarcastic, blunt and dry-humored sometimes. So please don't take offense!

Published 7/19/2010
Summary: A PG-13 look at what God's voicemail might sound like if he were witty, sarcastic and human, of course.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this piece for a job interview actually. RH Brands was looking for more humor writers for their hotlines and I "tried" out. They showed a lot of interest for weeks and even had me do some more work, but eventually the contact stopped and I never heard from them again. Nonetheless, I liked writing this because I don't think anyone has ever really thought about this particular topic.

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