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Health, Fitness and Diet

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The health, fitness and diet industry are all very successful because we as consumers find it very important to look and feel our best. That is why I've made a section just for it. Here I will add articles I write about losing weight, exercising, diet plans or anything else related to this topic.

Educate Yourself on the Advantages and Disadvantages of NuvaRing

Published 8/4/2010
Summary: This article informs women of the side effects, advantages, disadvantages and general instructions for using NuvaRing.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine that wanted to educate women on the importance of knowing all of their options when using Nuvaring. I learned a lot when I wrote this piece and I really wanted to write it because I'm sure I'm not the only one who would learn something. Birth control is important, so educating yourself on every alternative and option is in the best interest of your health.

Intense MMA Standards Require Techniques, Tips and Exercises to Excel.

Published 7/18/2010
Summary: This article talks about the hardcore exercises and techniques MMA/UFC fighters have to endure in order to be successful. This can teach you and your body how to strengthen and speed up.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. I also thought it would be helpful and interesting to share something that could get people in tip-top shape like the guys in the MMA/UFC.

Diet Plans Are Intimidating but Choosing the Right Diet Plan Can Benefit Your Life.

Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Without giving any specific diet plan as advice, this article describes the things you should be doing before you make a final choice on a diet plan that will work for you. Research, ask questions and seek medical advice to get a healthier you!
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. Although it doesn't offer medical or nutrition advice, this article helps prepare a person for choosing a diet plan. It outlines what things you should look for in yourself and your situation.

How to Get Rid of a Headache By Drinking Gatorade.

Published 7/6/2010
Summary: If you'd like to learn of an inexpensive, safe, painless and easy home remedy to get rid of headaches, then drink a Gatorade! Read on for statistics, medical advice and information about Gatorade that will help.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. I loved researching for this one because it was quite interesting to read that Gatorade is actually good for you. I mean, it's common sense since it has pretty much the same thing we have in our bodies, but it's a great thing to know the basis of why it helps with headaches and other maladies.

10 Ways to Help You Balance Work and Life.

Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Keep in mind that you are only human and that it's ok to be overwhelmed. It happens to everyone, but it's how you face stress that really shows what kind of person you are. Here are 10 helpful ways to bring balance to your busy, sometimes stressful life.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for a client of mine. I sometimes need to read this over for myself because I have a problem with overloading and heaping way too much on my plate, so I'm glad to share this with people trying to prioritize and balance things.

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