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Get Rewarded for Reading my Content

Yes, you read right. I like to reward my faithful readers. It's not a's a token of my appreciation. After all, what is a writer without readers?

So, how will you be rewarded? In many different ways! There will be drawings, polls, "guess the item in the picture," most comments contests, little writing contests, follow my blog, etc. This may all seem confusing now, but every time there is a contest, you'll know about it because I'll put up a blog post about it. I'll describe in detail who, what, when....and with pictures!

And I'm always up for suggestions for new contests and prizes. On that note, if you suggest anything fun for upcoming contests/prizes and I decide to choose it, You'll get a $10 gift card to wherever you'd like for right now. I know it's not much, but I'll also feature you in a blog post so others will know how awesome you are and that they, too, should come up with some fascinating ideas.

I'd like to also let you guys know that the prizes will get better and better as we go along. I want to provide you with some cool items in the future, but obviously that will require a high interest from you guys, donations, what you would like to win, my writing salary, etc.

At the moment, the brainstorming I've done so far for the first contest prizes that starts July 30, 2010 (here's the facebook event link: are the items below. Just know that I haven't made the decision yet about what the winner will get, but I want to know what you guys think. Send me a prize suggestion if you don't see anything on here that you like!

My ideas for prizes:
-A popular book or one from my network of writers
-Gift cards
-Free logo made by me (see portfolio)
-Customized T-shirts
-Candy basket
-Snack Basket
-Writer's Survival Kit
-eBooks (I have ones by me and a huge library of others)

I know I should be more prepared for this, but I am drawing a blank. And I don't want my first prize for the contest this weekend to be lame! LOL. So, if you have any ideas or questions, please let me know!

© Ava Elaine 2010


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