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These articles are ones I've written for my clients or ones I've written to inform readers. I love to research, write How-tos and I also like to incorporate keyword-rich content for SEO.

8 Tips Training Your Dog Yourself
Published 8/5/2010
Summary: This discusses the importance of dog obedience training, daily exercise & positive reinforcement to ensure/encourage good behavior from your dog. Read on to see what tips you can use for your dog yourself if you don't want to go the dog trainer route.
Why I wrote it: A few years ago, I was a certified Veterinarian Technician, so I wanted to pass along a few things I learned when it comes to training dogs. I like to take my knowledge and expertise and translate it into a tangible guide to others. I plan on sharing many more things concerning pets, their health and healthcare savings tips for pets.

Bootstrapping Can Be an Excellent Option for Your New Business
Published 8/4/2010
Summary: Most people think they have to spend a lot of money when starting out with their online business. Actually they just need to take advantage of bootstrapping. This article talks about that, little or no investments & others options when working at home.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for a client and because I am an expert with bootstrapping because I have pretty much done this for every opportunity and online endeavor I've pursued. Over the years, I can't even count how many examples that I've participated in for bootstrapping.

Educate Yourself on the Advantages and Disadvantages of NuvaRing
Published 8/4/2010
Summary: This article informs women of the side effects, advantages, disadvantages and general instructions for using NuvaRing.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine that wanted to educate women on the importance of knowing all of their options when using Nuvaring. I learned a lot when I wrote this piece and I really wanted to write it because I'm sure I'm not the only one who would learn something. Birth control is important, so educating yourself on every alternative and option is in the best interest of your health.

How to Save Even More Money When You Work at Home
Published 8/4/2010

Summary: Everything adds up when you stop to think what you are spending your money on. Gas, software, eating out or formal wardrobe costs can all be minimized or even eliminated when you work at home. Knowing how to maximize those savings will pay off in the end.
Why I wrote it: Saving money is always an awesome thing and that's why I wanted to share this with people. People tend to spend money more than saving it, but if you save little by little with my advice, you could potentially see yourself save more than you normally do!
Published 8/4/2010
Summary: This article shares some easy and quick ways to make money without having to look very far. Sometimes you just have to look around at the junk you have, think about what others need or just provide a very helpful service.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for a client of mine. I love writing articles about making money not only because it helps people, but also because it is something that is very popular and searched for on the Internet today. I like to point out the simple things for making money since most people think they need to have a corporate position to add to their bank accounts.

Published 7/18/2010
Summary: If you have one cat or even multiple cats, it's always a fun and loving gesture to get them one of the many cat houses available today. That way, they can relax, scratch and play in their very own space!
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for a client of mine. It's very helpful to understand what sort of products are out there for pet owners-especially cat owners because most cats can be very picky!

How to Ensure Value When Outsourcing by Demanding Professionalism and Quality.
Published 7/18/2010
Summary: You always want to get your money's worth when you decide to hire someone for the job. Here are 12 tips on how to keep quality high when you outsource.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for a client of mine. I was able to write this very informative article very well because I thought about the things I've done for clients in the past and how we came to a mutual understanding and agreement for successfully completing a project/assignment.

Intense MMA Standards Require Techniques, Tips and Exercises to Excel. 
Published 7/18/2010
Summary: This article talks about the hardcore exercises and techniques MMA/UFC fighters have to endure in order to be successful. This can teach you and your body how to strengthen and speed up.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. I also thought it would be helpful and interesting to share something that could get people in tip-top shape like the guys in the MMA/UFC.

What Are You Passionate About?:Start a Home Based Business With Your Passion!
Published 7/15/2010
Summary: Don't get stuck in a boring work at home job! Instead, get creative and brainstorm about something you love doing to see if you could see profits from it.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine and most of my research was from personal experience. I can't even tell you how many different business opportunities and work from home jobs I've tried. It's no wonder why so many people are apprehensive to start any new business online. I wrote this article to help pave a new mindset for people who have a passion and would like to share that passion with the world.

Starting an Online Business Can Be Scary: How to Avoid Being Afraid.
Published 7/15/2010
Summary: If we all stopped from doing things that we want to do just because of our fears, then nothing would get done. Being prepared should be something you strive to be rather than afraid of not knowing if you'll succeed with an online business.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. I wanted people to understand that even though starting a new online business is somewhat frightening, you can get through it with goals, a purpose and the motivation to succeed. 

Making Beats Can Be Simple If You Know the Basics.
Published 7/15/2010
Summary: Making beats is simple if you know what resources and tools to use. This article talks about software, free online beat making sites and other great help to make a great track for your music career.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. The music industry is constantly changing, so it's a helpful thing to know how to make something like a beat. I wanted to make this information available to anyone who needed it.

Children and Temper Tantrums: A Simple Explanation and Aid.
Published 7/11/2010
Summary: Preventing a temper tantrum can often be easier than stopping one, and this article describes tips for that. It also covers reasons why a child will have a temper tantrum and the importance of positive reinforcement.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this as my first article on I have a toddler and I know how crazy things can get. I wanted to show new and seasines parents there are better and more productive things to do besides scolding and screaming.

The Importance of Backing Up Data Offsite. 
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: You should know the importance of backing up precious photos, work files, financial information and anything else you have on your computer and how easily you can lose it all in an instant.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. I wanted people to know how crazy the statistics are and that they should protect everything digital they own.

10 Helpful Ways to Lend a Hand in Others’ Success. 
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: I wrote this for a client who wanted me to provide great suggestions on how to fill other people's lives with success by helping them follow what they want their heart desires in life.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. Most people just think of themselves when they envision themselves climbing the ladder of success. It's actually about making connections, helping others and adding to the success of everyone else, too.

Be Aware of Nuvaring Side Effects.
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: If you are thinking about using the product Nuvaring to prevent pregnancy, this article talks about its side effects.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. This is for any woman who isn't sure what Nuvaring is or does. I didn't even know much about it before I was asked to write it!

Diet Plans Are Intimidating but Choosing the Right Diet Plan Can Benefit Your Life.
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Without giving any specific diet plan as advice, this article describes the things you should be doing before you make a final choice on a diet plan that will work for you. Research, ask questions and seek medical advice to get a healthier you!
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. Although it doesn't offer medical or nutrition advice, this article helps prepare a person for choosing a diet plan. It outlines what things you should look for in yourself and your situation.

Common Misconceptions Surrounding the Freelancing Industry.
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Don't believe what you hear. Freelancing has many different negative myths that give it a bad reputation as a career choice. This article is to educate and give insight about these myths.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine and to educate people like myself or people trying to hire someone like me. Freelancing kind of has a negative air around it when it shouldn't, so I'm glad I cleared it up with this article of mine.

How to Get Rid of a Headache By Drinking Gatorade.
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: If you'd like to learn of an inexpensive, safe, painless and easy home remedy to get rid of headaches, then drink a Gatorade! Read on for statistics, medical advice and information about Gatorade that will help.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this article for a client of mine. I loved researching for this one because it was quite interesting to read that Gatorade is actually good for you. I mean, it's common sense since it has pretty much the same thing we have in our bodies, but it's a great thing to know the basis of why it helps with headaches and other maladies.

Super Tips for Super Stay-at-Home Moms.
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Multitasking, baking, carpooling and barely sleeping. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you know the drill. Here are some fabulous tips to center yourself. For all the well deserving mothers out there, it doesn't have to be Mother's Day to spoil yourself.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for This article is very important because it gives simple, inexpensive things to do to keep yourself at least partially sane. In this busy world with schedules, alarm clocks and children, you should always remember to give yourself some credit and a break!

10 Ways to Help You Balance Work and Life.
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Keep in mind that you are only human and that it's ok to be overwhelmed. It happens to everyone, but it's how you face stress that really shows what kind of person you are. Here are 10 helpful ways to bring balance to your busy, sometimes stressful life.
Why I wrote it: I  wrote this for a client of mine. I sometimes need to read this over for myself because I have a problem with overloading and heaping way too much on my plate, so I'm glad to share this with people trying to prioritize and balance things.

Top 10 Marketing Software to Grow Your Small Business.
Published 7/6/2010
Summary: Surrounded by technology, commerce and viral videos, you don't have to use just word-of-mouth marketing to get the word out. Take full advantage of your computer, Internet and the countless software and advertising tools available to you.
Why I wrote it: I wrote this for a client of mine. I also was glad to provide this to people so they could learn how simple it is to use the software we have readily available to us.

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