Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things happen for a reason

I hope after reading my last post hasn't left you either A. Tired from it being so long, B. Confused because it covered so many things or C. Weirded out because of the content at the end.

As much as I did write it to allow you to get to know me, I mainly wrote it so I could get it all out. This past week has been a little difficult, but I am coming to terms with the things that seem to be going against me. I look at it now, though, as something that will definitely make me stronger and that nothing in life is an accident.

We cross each other's paths for a reason and I'm glad I went through what I did so I could be lead to what I'm doing now. I love being a mother and a writer...I couldn't ask for more of the wonderful blessings in my life. Except maybe more friends, connections or fellow writers to share my work with-or all 3!

You guys have been really awesome commenting on my work, talking with me on twitter and facebook and being here for me as writers. I feel very good moving forward in the relationships we've started and that it more than I can say for most people who are supposed to care for me.

This post is short, I know, but I need to get working and writing and cleaning. Fun...
I just want to let you know I am here for anyone who needs advice, help or just someone to talk to. Sometimes we just need a friendly push in the right direction.

Let's have fun and make each other feel all warm and fuzzy lol.
Take care and don't be a stranger!

Ava Elaine
Writer Extraordinaire
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