Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Current Projects for Ava

I know I just posted but I'd like to share some of the things I'm currently working on. I also wanted to let you know that James Schumacher (1 of the 4 winners from the Comment Contest) told me today that he received his book "Now You See Him" by Eli Gottlief that he won in the mail. I will be posting a picture with him and the book as soon as he gets it to me. That was just a random sidenote, so forgive me.

Anyway.....Current Projects:

  • I am working on a collection of poems to submit to Writer's Relief. It's for their review board which is basically to seek out writing from people that would be good enough to present to 25+ agents and literary magazine. I'm excited about this and I'm making it a major priority because I am writing all fresh poetry. They will be ones never seen by anyone since they've never been published. Plus, they will be very emotional and full of the feelings I want to get across since the poetry will have a lot to do with me surviving suicide, depression, feeling lost, rising above adversity...etc. Even though the poems will be very angsty and heart wrenching, it will show a gradual progression to a positive silver lining. I am very happy to be working on this right now, especially if it will open up my opportunity to help others with this subject!
  • This week, I signed up for Constant Content. I've already received 4 clients requesting content to write which I didn't expect so soon. Basically it's a site for people looking for content for their websites, email campaigns and so on. I haven't completed any of my assignments yet, so I can' vouch for any earnings, but I will keep you guys updated. It's just another little thing I'll do to get my writing out there.
  • I already started writing the first chapter for the August Moon Publishing House short story contest. My short story has a lot of sensory and imagery which I always love using. If I could put a writing genre to it, I would call it a paranormal romance, but then again I'm not completely liking how that sounds. I still have a while to work on that and the short story itself, but I want to get an early start to it and be able to edit it properly.
  • Another big thing I'm doing at the moment is submitting as many poems that I can think of to The Great Little Publishing Company poetry contest. I have several poems I've written in the past that I think are good enough to win, but I'd also like to write newer stuff for it.

So yeah, just thought I'd share. Yay, I'm excited!

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