Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

Yes, it is past midnight and no I am not a vampire. Only if it counts as someone who is drained of all energy and motivation...but then again, this is never foreign to me. I am up because these are my hours. I am a night owl. And sometimes thoughts and words and ideas come to me when I am just at the verge of blissful sleep and I then I cannot sleep until I document. If I don't...my crazy and hectic life will not allow my brain to remember it the next day. But I digress.

Anywho...I am still editing. I just thought I would pop on to say things are going well. I have finished the general feel for things on here as far as the layout, the widgets and the About Me section. Next, I need to edit and add to the pages I want to utlize on here.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing everything up on here. That way, I can just enter my content as I submit it to my Associated Content. I also want to show you all the goals that I've devised for myself and my writing. Unfortunately, the last few days I have deviated from said goals, but the excuses I have so far are as follows: I've had a cold/allergy problem/sinus thing, I've been tired because I've been sick, I've had to clean, I haven't had the time....you get the drill.

I want to get everything back on schedule so everything is a lot easier for me. I have plenty of things to write and people's minds to educate, so I better do my part. Until next time, I will be here either trying to be productive or attempting to sleep.

Adios, people of the Internet.

Ava Elaine
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