Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writing Goals

They say that if you share your goals with others, then you'll have more motivation to follow through with them. I want to share my goals with you so that I will be forced to actually get them done. So far, I haven't been achieving all of them, but I am trying my best.

My goals consist of things I want to accomplish as a writer, as an Associated Content contributor and as a business person. Although I do write as a passion of mine, I ultimately do it to make a living, so I need to boost my chances of being successful. I need to write more, promote more and be confident that my work will speak for itself.

For daily content, I want to submit or publish at least 4 pieces of content. Since I have over 30 pieces of content already on Assoiated Content, it would be awesome if I got at least 20 page views for each content I have published. If that's not possible, I'd like at least 500 page views all together each day. In order for me to get more page views, I need more fans and subscribers, so I'd like to see at least 1 new fan every day.

I've also scheduled a very important date (August 31, 2010) where I want to have at least 205 pieces of content up on Associated Content. I know I can do it, I just need to stay consistent.

I wish you could see the things I have up surrounding my work area to motivate me. I typed up a content schedule with every day until August 31. Each block has space to write which subjects I want to cover for that day.

And how do I know what I'll write for those days? Simple. Ever since I started on Associated Content almost 4 weeks ago, I got really serious and bought a yellow legal pad (it felt more sophisticated for some reason) and began brainstorming and writing down things I have knowledge, talent and expertise on. I have several pages covered with topics, ideas, etc. So, I try to mix it up a little and spread out the ideas over the course of my writing calendar. That way, there will always be exciting, fresh and popular content for my readers. Well, that is, when I get more readers.

When I finish writing and publishing a piece, I just cross it off with my handy dandy red pen. I also have the content schedule and the daily, weekly, monthy and other special dates with their respected goals hanging up in my work space so I cannot hide from it haha.

I will put some picture up of them. I know that's kind of corny, but I want to do this. I will achieve my goals. That's why I need your support. I am planning on some great prizes, freebies and other great things for all you future, fans of mine. So, please subscribe to my blog, my Associated Content content and even my Twitter (AvaElaineAC).

Thanks in advance for all of your encouragement and support. That's all for now.

A bientot! (without the accents, though LOL)

Ava Elaine
Writer Extraordinaire
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