Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stumbling Upon Writers/Experts

Even though the title of this blog post might sound like a social media site (y'know, StumbleUpon) and I will ironically be coming back to the whole topic of social media, I want to start off with something else.

I was tweeting tonight. And probably not at the best time for exposure, but I'm just getting myself out there any way I can. I got an email from Twitter saying someone had followed me. These are very exciting. So I took a gander at who it was. Normally, I check to see the legitimacy of the "person" who adds me on Twitter before I follow them, too. This is something I highly recommend for anyone who doesn't like to be bombarded with silly things or one likes that.

Anyways...SteveMWilcox was the one who added me. I checked out his tweets and found out he is the president of The Great Little Publishing Company so I was pretty excited that someone to that caliber was interested in knowing my updates or my writing, for that matter. I was also excited to find that the publishing company has poetry and writing contests. Naturally, I sent in some pieces of poetry and I plan on sending more, as well as looking into their writing contest. You should check out the contests for yourself and even submit some of your own work. I also found my way to their online bookstore, which I look forward to seeing what things I can add to my wishlist!

Something else I found whilst (love that word) perusing his tweets was "an interesting take on building your writer's brand." I thought it was interesting because I have been making serious goals and I'm really wanting to work hard as a writer and for that to show in my work. So, needless to say, I wanted to check out what he was talking about. Well, he was talking about Kristen Lamb. Specifically, he was talking about a post she had written in her wordpress blog.

She talks about the importance of branding yourself as a writer professionally by using your full first and last name or even a pen name, so long as it isn't something like hicklover25. And, yes, I just came up with that. And, no I don't enjoy the company of hill billies even though I dwell in Iowa.

Kristen is an expert on social media and a writer, of course. She actually wrote a book called: "We Are Not Alone-The Writer's Guide to Social Media." In it, she educates writers how to interact and relate by using social media as the popular platform that it is. In a world full of countless blogs and aspiring writers, she also encourages you to stand out...which is something we all strive for-I know I do.

And instead of trying to stand out by sending inhuman invites or endless broken links to people you don't know, Kristen is great at talking about giving back to fellow writers. Sure, in order to get your name out there, you have to put your name out there. But try not to step on anyone's toes out there in the process. Make it an enjoyable experience. Notice the talent and hard work of those you know trying to make it just like you are. As a writer, I know the importance of having someone you can relate to. Far too often, when answering that I am a writer, people who ask me what I do for a living respond with an "Ohhhh."

Not many people understand how rewarding, exhilarating and fun it can be as a writer unless they are writers themselves. I want to follow what she teaches and extend my knowledge, support and creativity to other people, too. I don't want to be that person who just clicks on something and thinks they've done their part. I want to engage myself in reading what they worked hard on, comment honestly and wholeheartedly without the usual "Great post-thanks" at the end.

I want to be an active participant in the writing community. I know this spans far and wide, but that just means I will be staying busy huh? I want to "Pay it Forward" with kindness just as she has shown me.

So, my thanks go out to Steve and Kristen for making an enlightening and enjoyable day/night for me. You guys are awesome!

By the way: please forgive the empty blog pages...they are still under construction. I will add to FAQs, hire me, etc. when I can this week.

Night, night!

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Leah Mraz said...

I admire your determination to go out there and get what you want. Best of luck to you, I'll be sure to check out your content. It's kind of neat knowing you just started this blog. That way I can follow along to see the journey for myself. Exciting stuff, chasing after your dreams. :)

Jamie D. said...

Glad to see you jumping in with both feet. :-) I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in writing, and to getting to know you better.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Kristen's books sounds interesting. with the ways things are progressing there, social networking might be a college class someday. :)

And I know what you mean about Twitter. I always check the page of who suddenly friends me too before i follow. Sometimes I have to wonder WHY they did. LOL

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