Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog Updated, 1st Contest & Finally on Facebook!

It's Friday and I am pretty excited that I finally added everything I wanted to the pages here, the main page and how my blog looks at first glance to people visiting it. I added my quote, some photos, a FAQs page, a Hire Me page and other pages displaying summaries and motivations to some of my work. I was a little slow getting this done, but am proud of myself that I finally got it all out there for you guys. After all, the whole reason I created this blog was so people could see who the woman is behind the writing and work.

I want you to get to know me because I am just another person trying to make connections in this world. I do that through writing and trying to speak to people's wants and needs...desires (take that any way you want because I have written things that could apply to that lol). The bottom line is I don't want to just throw something up and expect people to want to read it just because they feel like reading something at that moment. I want them to be able to get inside my head and when they see I've posted something or written a new article or FINALLY finished with my novel that I've been adding/cutting since 2008, they will say to themselves: "I'm excited/interested in seeing what Ava wrote!"

I want to be on a first name basis. I don't want to be above everyone. Sure, I see things differently than some people, but that doesn't mean I'm an expert on any one thing. I want to coexist peacefully, get to know other great, artisitic and creative people and get my writing out there.

One step I've also taken besides this blog this week is joining.....(drum roll please).......Facebook! I know, I can't believe it either because I graduated when Myspace first came out and I was hooked and loyal. Now no one could care less about it. It's kind of sad but we must move on. In all honesty, even though I was a die hard Myspace-er, I deleted my account over a year ago.

So, I have joined the smart social media people and fun go-getters to help strengthen my connections, friends and readership. I also would like to be able to just talk to someone or people in general if I need someone to talk to. This last year or so has been kind of isolating and I need to break free from the fears I have of trusting or getting close to people. I want to socialize and interact and share. So, that's that.

What I'm really excited about more than being on Facebook (not by much) is my first contest that starts in 57 minutes! Yes, I'm counting! I am going to sign off for this post and then create one special for the one describing the Comment Contest!!! You guys better be excited, too. Oh yeah, and if you want to RSVP on my event on Facebook go ahead here: And I want to stress that you don't have to RSVP to be able to participate in the contest, I just put it there so people would know about it and so I would have some kind of idea how many people are interested.

So, stay right here and don't go anywhere because I'm going to post about the contest after I submit this post!



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Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Oh, exciting stuff!!! I think I'm already following you on facebook, right? I'm going to check out your contest. And CONGRATS on your book!!!

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